The work of Doctor Władysław Lipecki, initiated in 1993 with the publication of the first volume of Rocznik Medyczny - Polish Annals of Medicine (14 volumes thus far) - the first scientific journal devoted exclusively to medicine and published in Warmia and Mazury - is continued. The Resolution of the Regional Medical Council, the Warmia and Mazury Regional Medical Chamber in Olsztyn, of May 20, 2009, constituted the new Editorial Board of Polish Annals of Medicine consisting of: an editor in-chief, 2 secretaries and 24 members of the scientific board. All of the aforementioned positions are filled by medical doctors from the region and academics from our University.
   On June 18, 2009, following the meetings of the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of Warmia na Mazury, and following the meeting of the Editorial Board, organised in the Medical Chamber in Olsztyn and chaired by its secretary doctor Anna Lella, the first decisions were arrived at and agreed upon.
   The Polish Medical Association - Regional Branch in Olsztyn, The Warmia and Mazury Regional Medical Chamber as well as the scientific patronage of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn will ensure the publication of further volumes of this medical journal.
   The aims of the new Editorial Board of Polish Annals of Medicine (Pol. Ann. Med.) include:
- creating an interdisciplinary medical journal, which will publish original scientific and clinical research, case studies, overview and review papers, doctoral and habilitation theses, commentaries and reviews, as well as reports from scientific and training symposiums and conferences,
- providing an opportunity, especially for authors from our region, to publish research papers devoted to medicine and related sciences,
- enhancing research activities, especially those of authors of the younger generation,
- stimulating authors from other regions of our country to become interested in this scientific journal,
- motivating research activities which would integrate various medical, clinical and academic centres of our region,
- promoting papers in cooperation with other national and international centres.
   In order to realistically enhance the academic, professional and specialist promotions of our colleagues, we wish to create a journal which would be attractive in terms of its scientific values, evaluated according to the national system of The State Committee for Scientific Research (KBN), which would be indexed on the Medline and PubMed databases, and ultimately listed on the Master Journal List. The opportunity to publish papers in a medical journal with a high academic level in a natural way will stimulate individual development of the authors as well as that of the entire medical community in the region. The Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Warmia and Mazury will also facilitate this development. The presence of many representatives from this Faculty on the Editorial Board of our Journal, and in the future inclusive of foreign scientists, will help guarantee the growth concerning the significance of Polish Annals of Medicine.
   We will create this scientific journal together. We will contribute to its development as a team effort, and together we will take advantage of it. Junior researchers in medicine and related sciences will have an opportunity to enlarge upon their scientific achievements, which will subsequently allow them to pursue on and obtain academic degrees.
   The Editorial Board focuses on:
- being granted more points in the KBN system (so far 1 KBN point) of our Journal through:
- publishing research papers in Polish, including: title, structured abstract, labels below tables and figures in two languages (Polish and English)
- providing on-line versions of the published articles,
- achieving a national level for the journal,
- publishing articles by foreign authors.
   The visionary, outstanding work of Doctor Władysław Lipecki consisting of the fourteen volumes published uninterruptedly between 1993 and 2007 undoubtedly stimulated the scientific life of the Province of Warmia and Mazury. His efforts allowed many of us to begin our academic careers. Doctor Lipecki as the Editor in-chief was personally and passionately involved in fulfilling the task which he undertook. Most of all, he was a great organizer and teacher. His conscientiousness, fairness and good-heartedness were precious and exceptional. He created this journal for us, thinking of our academic and professional development. Through personally experiencing Doctor Lipecki's generous assistance, I also published my first, often imperfect, papers. His constantly encouraging attitude accompanied my first publishing efforts and academic development, during which I always sensed his kind ways and concerns for my endeavours.

    The next obvious step taken by the Editorial Board was to issue the 17th volume of the journal in 2010 entirely  an English version. Our journal gradually is gaining the status of an English-language publication. The issue of 2008 included one English-language article from Russia. The issue of 2009 featured two such papers, one from Belarus and one written in cooperation with authors from the USA and Grenada. There was also an article prepared in cooperation with authors from Mexico. In the issue of 2010 all articles are in English versions, including, among others, three papers from Lithuania, in cooperation with authors from Sweden and China, one from Holland and one from Israel. The issue of 2011 included 1 article from Bielarus and 1 in cooperation with Mexico, the issue of 2012 included 2 articles from Germany, 1 from Russia, 1 from Bielarus and 1 from Lithuania. All new volumes of the journal of 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 include papers from various Polish scientific centers.

   In 2008 I accepted the proposal of continuing with Doctor Władysław Lipecki pioneering work with the emotional mixtures of being honoured and of having great responsibility. I feel obliged to further develop his vision. With the active help of the Editorial Board, I believe we can successfully achieve our previously described and desired aims. Your papers and the present and future scientific development, especially those of our junior colleagues, will serve to fill us with the utmost satisfaction.
Editor in-chief
Prof. Ireneusz M. Kowalski, M.D., PhD