Statement on Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and/or artificial intelligence assisted technologies (AI-tech) in
manuscripts submitted to the Polish Annals of Medicine

The Polish Annals of Medicine (PoAMed) allows the use of AI and AI-tech only for data analysis, as part
of the research process and/or to improve the readability and language of the manuscript. If AI or AI-
tech is used to improve the readability and language of the manuscript, a statement must be provided at
the end of the article stating this fact. PoAMed does not allow the use of AI or AI-tech to create content
that will be published in the journal in whole or in part.
This includes written text, figures, charts or any
additional materials. The author is ultimately responsible and accountable for the content of the
manuscript and must be careful to review and edit anything generated from AI or AI-tech in the research
process or as a result of improving the readability of the language.
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